With our high quality, strong system solutions and innovative processes, STÄRKEN Philippines is positioned to be the preferred building partner of property developers. Our notable impacts to the property projects are as follows:
Brand Reputation Building

Through STÄRKEN AAC’s advanced German technologies, we make buildings safer, more comfortable, more energy-efficient and more durable. We bring higher value and also increase brand reputation of the property projects effectively.

Investment Cost Reduction

With STÄRKEN AAC’s effective formulation process of light quality characteristics (3x lighter than concrete), the cost of construction beams, columns, and overall structure is reduced. The ease of installation will help speed up the construction process and will result in cost savings and eventually higher return on investment.

Safety & Energy Efficiency

STÄRKEN AAC’s products are reliable when it comes to safety and durability. Its green building materials are safe for the environment. It has excellent heat insulation resulting in energy efficiency properties.

Team of Building Industry Professionals

The STÄRKEN Philippines team boasts of strong industry experience and is capable of delivering high level job scope which include consulting, computing, wall construction training, and wall installation subcontracting.

Dependable Performance

STÄRKEN Philippines’ commitment is to build a robust, established and a well-equipped distribution logistics system to match the needs of high-volume, multi-specification, and tight-timetable projects.  Its team of engineers and trainers will be ready to fulfill our clients’ personnel development needs.

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