STÄRKEN AAC blocks are manufactured with advanced green processes and supported with state-of-the-art German technology. Its excellent quality and durability bring great advantages for every homeowner.

STÄRKEN AAC products are green and are recyclable building materials. They create no chemical pollution, thus, not harmful to the home residents.

Fast Construction

The lightweight nature, precise dimensions, and simple installation process of STÄRKEN AAC eliminates the need for rebars and plastering; resulting in speedier completion of wall installations.

Energy Saving

STÄRKEN AAC provides homes with savings on electricity consumption due to its excellent thermal insulation properties.  It effectively keeps the heat of the sun from penetrating the home

Good Workability & Lightweight

Stärken AAC can be easily sawn, cut, carved, nailed or drilled using ordinary hand tools to variety of sizes and forms. It is also about one-fifth the density of normal concrete blocks making it easily lifted and quickly laid.

Safety & Comfort

Aside from providing cooler interior temperatures, STÄRKEN AAC gives better fire protection and water resistance.  It also has superb sound insulation properties.


The acrylic-based finishing and water resistant coating system of STÄRKEN AAC products provide highly durable blocks making them unaffected by harsh climatic conditions.

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