AAC products are becoming the preferred building products for constructing residential, hotel, industrial and public buildings because of its natural composition and non-toxic property, saves energy and environmental friendly. AAC products possess the durability characteristics similar to normal concrete or stone, yet with workability better than wood.
AAC products are made using slurry mix containing cement, sand, lime and aerating agent. The slurry is poured and moulded to form lightweight blocks, panels and lintels upon which are cured in autoclave. The high-pressure steam-curing mechanism in the autoclave facilitates the curing process of the moulded lightweight concrete, producing physically and chemically stable products that weigh about 1/5 of normal concrete. AAC products contain millions of tiny non-connecting air pockets yielding superior thermal insulation property. AAC products are typically installed to form walls, floors and roofs.

Incredibly Light

STÄRKEN AAC’s density is about 1/5th of that of normal concrete blocks, making it easy to handle.

Excellent Thermal Insulation & Energy Savings

STÄRKEN AAC’s excellent thermal insulation properties result in improved comfort level and saves heating and cooling costs.

Environment Friendly

Due to its non-toxic properties, STÄRKEN AAC helps reduce at least 30% of environmental waste and 50% of greenhouse radiation.

Strong & Durable

History of usage dated more than 50 years protecting building envelopes and remain durable even under extreme weather conditions.

Savings Through Value Engineering

The factors of quality, cost, and time saves building structure costs with your building structure in the long run.

Excellent Workability

STÄRKEN AAC can be easily sawn, cut, carved, nailed or drilled using ordinary hand tools.

Cost Efficient Construction

Savings due to less materials, less manpower, less waterproofing & sound insultation, and more.

Superior Fire Rating

More superior than traditional masonry products and has a fire resistance up to 4 hours (nominal block thickness of 100mm).

Superior Fire Rating

Scientifically proven to provide better insulation to sound transmitted by air compared with other solid building materials.

High Compressive Strength Tested Up to 1000 PSI

STÄRKEN AAC blocks tested acquired compressive strength up to 1040 PSI and passed.

Less Hauling & Cleaning

The STÄRKEN AAC wall system involves less hauling and cleaning and safer workspaces.

Faster Construction

Construction time is cut in half with the STÄRKEN AAC wall system.

Excellent Workability

STÄRKEN AAC can be easily sawn, cut, carved, nailed or drilled using ordinary hand tools.
Better Earthquake Performance

Better Earthquake Performance

Can withstand high magnitude earthquakes in the Philippines’ seismic zone 4 classification.


Save up to 25% of
Foundation Cost

Brick vs AAC Block.

Wall Installation

AAC Block vs Brick ( m/2 worker/ day )


Heat insulation 6 times superior than clay brick


Stärken AAC is a sustainable material and contained up to 20% of recycled materials. It provides long life span and is also recyclable, making it an exceptionally green building material.

Superb Product Features

AAC products are suitable for various types of buildings such as residential and commercial units, hospitals, factories, schools, hotels, shopping malls, and public transport intersection buildings.


STÄRKEN AAC have dimensional tolerances and can be cut easily and accurately. Available in sizes larger than conventional hollow blocks, our blocks can be used up to 3 times faster than conventional hollow blocks walls.


AAC products are manufactured in standard sizes for ease of installation and compliance to Industrialised Building System (IBS) requirement.

Manufacturing & Delivery

Production of AAC employs strict waste minimization scheme. In fact, its transport fleets use less fuel (energy) to deliver goods in jobsites.


AAC products are not only lightweight but also provide high-performance feature, such as thermal comfort, energy saving, high impact, and resistance to water and fire.

End of Life

AAC blocks are fully applicable for recycling to create new construction materials. Buildings made of AAC can be altered easily according to specifications to avoid the hassle of demolishing and rebuilding.



Manufacturing & Delivery

Stärken AAC production incorporates recycled material and employs strict waste minimization scheme while the transport fleets use less fuel (energy) to deliver goods to job sites.


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is ideal for load-bearing and non-load bearing applications. In addition, Stärken AAC products are suitable for various types of buildings such as:
  • Residential Units
  • Commercial Units
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Public Transport
  • Intersection Buildings

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